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Welcome to The Toronto Party!

The 2014 Toronto municipal election will soon be here, and it is time to plan for a race that could see Toronto elect a new Mayor.

Over the course of the next few months, The Toronto Party will be unveiling its platform for 2014.

While you may agree or disagree on our positions, we will continue to encourage debate on the issues that matter most to Toronto.

In the meantime, please feel free to become familiar with our Party.


Read our archived newsletters below or access our 2013 newsletters through the "newsletters" menu above.



December 2012 newsletter: "Politicians are not above the law"


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September 2012 newsletter: "Protecting our Kids" and "Nothing being done at City Hall"


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April 2012 newsletter: The Toronto party asks:  "What's Next, 'Mayor' Stintz?"


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March 2012, special edition newsletter: The Toronto Party asks for Toronto to "Stand Up!" and calls on democratic reform for our city.


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March 2012 newsletter: The Toronto Party

criticizes lack of balanced debate on transportation


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February 2012 newsletter: The Toronto Party calls for referendum on transportation plans.

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In 2010, Rob Ford was elected Mayor of the City of Toronto. He ran on a platform similar to that advocated by the Toronto Party.


The mandate of the Toronto Party is to ensure accountability and transparency at City Hall and that taxpayers get value for their taxes.


We believe that City government, like all governments, must get back to basics. Although government is responsible for ensuring that all residents are protected and are given opportunity to thrive, it is not the responsibility of government to deliver a utopian level of services to everyone.


City government has core responsibilities. It must concentrate on delivering those core services and permit other organizations to deliver services beyond those which are essential.


In this way, taxpayers will be assured that their money is spent wisely and in their best interests.


We trust Mayor Ford and his council will promote this kind of philosophy.



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Since 2006 the Toronto Party has looked after the interests of taxpayers.

We want an accountable and transparent government and want to ensure that you get value for your tax dollar.

We continue to look for your support.




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