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Toronto's next Municipal Election will take place in October 2010.


You can make a difference.


If you are tired of living in a city whose leaders have no vision then please take the time to join the Toronto Party for a Better City (the "Toronto Party")today!


Our recommended donation for an Annual Membership Fee:


             Youth (14 to 24):  $   2

              Adult (25 to 65):  $ 10

              Senior (over 65):  $  5


All donations are applied towards the operating costs of the Toronto Party.


Membership in the Toronto Party expires on December 31st of the calendar year in which it is taken.


Lastly, membership in the Toronto Party is not restricted to residents of Toronto


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Since 2006 the Toronto Party has looked after the interests of taxpayers.

We want an accountable and transparent government and want to ensure that you get value for your tax dollar.

We continue to look for your support.

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