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May 2016

Municipal By-Elections

Ward 14 TDSB by-election

The Toronto Party recently sent out a brief questionnaire to 4 of the TDSB Trustee candidates in Ward 14. Only Li Koo and Kuga Kasilingam responded. This demonstrates that they will at least be responsive to concerns of parents in their Ward. Notably, Chris Moise did not respond. Based on answers received from Li and Kuga, the Toronto Party is endorsing Li Koo's candidacy and encouraging Ward 14 voters to vote for Li Koo. Kuga Kasilingam responses were very good as well and she would be our second choice.

For more information about Li Koo, please visit www.likoo.ca.

More by-election endorsements

The Toronto Party has endorsed Dr. Tahir Ahmad in the Ward 1 TDSB by-election and Jordan Glass in the Ward 5 TDSB by-election.

In the Ward 2 council by-election, the Toronto Party is endorsing Michael Ford.

Queen's Park Submissions - Bill 181

The Toronto Party's application to challenge the Constitutionality of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 is currently on hold as we work to find a political solution in connection with the amendments proposed in Bill 181.

Our submissions to the provincial government will soon be posted here.

June 2015

The Provincial Government in open court has admitted that the Toronto Party is an entity that can have standing before the Court.This is a victory for The Toronto Party.

March 2014

Click here for Application Record in party's constitutional challenge of Municipal Elections Act.

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