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The Founding Principles of  The Toronto Party are:


To bring fiscal responsibility to city government.

To ensure that residents receive value for their tax dollars.

To ensure that Toronto's government delivers core services to its residents.

To ensure that residents are engaged in the civic government process so that future development is in keeping with the preservation of unique local neighbourhoods.

To recognize that infrastructure is a key component to a city such that all modes of transportation are valued and that all people are connected with the city and within their own local communities.

To create an open and transparent decision-making process.

To create a climate that fosters job creation and growth.

To protect people and property in safe communities.

To support social, financial and environmental actions that lead to sustainable city growth over the long-term.

To preserve our city's heritage, to value our culture and to support our arts.

To build a city that encourages a healthy lifestyle through fitness, sports and recreation. 


Guiding Principles


The Guiding Principles of the Toronto Party:


The party derives its strength from its grassroots membership

The Party shall be focused on serving the interests of Toronto

The free expression of diverse views and opinions shall be encouraged without adherence to political ideology

Collaboration shall be encouraged with diverse community groups and organizations from across various neighbourhoods



Since 2006 the Toronto Party has looked after the interests of taxpayers.

We want an accountable and transparent government and want to ensure that you get value for your tax dollar.

We continue to look for your support.

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